A United Nations 2005 report estimated that around 4,000 people will die in the next years from diseases linked to the radiation released in the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster back in April 26, 1986. It is considered the worst nuclear accident in history, as directly related to the deaths caused by the explosion and to the costs in containment operation and cleaning of radioactive waste, and one of the only two events classified with the maximum level (7), together with Fukushima disaster. Despite these facts the poverty and isolation to which the whole region was condemned after that incident remain the two key problems faced by its inhabitants.

The Blue Summer project was created to welcome children and teenagers aged 6 -16  providing them a month of summer holidays in Portugal hosted by a local family. Its purpose is to open their horizons by putting them in contact with new experiences, but more important with a healthy environment and away from radiation.

2014 – 2016