Maria Sousa Uva

Maria Sousa Uva is 30 years old. She is a medical intern in the specialty of Intensive Medicine at Hospital de Santa Maria.

When the first patient with Covid-19 was admitted to the hospital, she had been in the Intensive Care Unit for about three months. During the pandemic, she worked in two COVID-19 units, a non-COVID-19 unit, and at INEM (National Institute of Medical Emergency), where she is part of the VMER (Medical Emergency and Reanimation Vehicle) team at the same hospital.

Maria has two children, aged three and six. During the first phase of the pandemic, she was away from her children for about 3 months, who were in charge of her parents in Serpa, Alentejo.

“Disconnecting from the hospital and what we experience is one of the biggest challenges in our profession.”

“Having to acknowledge the death of someone over the phone is something that has not happened until now and that was one of the most complicated things to manage. It must be awful to receive, but it is also not easy on the side of those who are giving the news.”

“The most critical moment was the third wave, because in some moments it was necessary to find a way, quickly and more urgently, for the various critical patients that appeared.”

“The pandemic has reinforced the absolute certainty that being a doctor is, in fact, my vocation.”