Bruno Colaço



Bruno was born in 1984 and he is a Lisbon based photojournalist and documentary photographer. He studied at the Portuguese Institute of Photography, after what he was accepted for an internship at the largest circulation Portuguese newspaper, Correio da Manhã. His images have been published in several Portuguese publications (Correio da Manhã, Jornal de Negócios, Sábado, Cais, Record, O Jogo) as well as abroad (The Denver Post, Die Zeit, National Geographic Servia, National Geographic Czech Republic, CTXT, Marca, SportWeek (La Gazzeta dello Sport), Maariv, VG, 6 Mois). In the last years Bruno has been dedicating his time to long-term projects reporting social and cultural issues, alongside with photojournalism. ​ – 2016 – Portraits Series Award at ESTAÇÃO IMAGEM (Portuguese Press Photo Awards) with the project “From Chernobyl with Love” – 2016 – Photo of the Year honorable mention, ESTAÇÃO IMAGEM (Portuguese Press Photo Awards) with a portrait of the Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa ​- 2016 – Winner of the BF16 – Local Award, with the project “The Condo: consequences of a long-term financial crisis” Bruno Colaço is represented by 4SEE

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